WinTech was founded in 1991 and is located in Monett, MO and in 2006 became 100% employee owned. WinTech produces cost-effective windows for commercial buildings, PTAC louvers, metal buildings, modular buildings and foundations. As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity and honesty, continuous improvement and the self discipline to take on challenges and see them through. Our mission is simple, to build quality, cost-effective products and to strive each day to reach our full potential.

AR / MS / LA / TN



Commercial Aluminum Windows

S250 Series
Introducing WinTech’s most economical aluminum commercial window system. The S250 is a 2 ½” thermally broken frame and is available in a full range of options including Fixed, Single Hung, Slider, Projected and Casement. Performance values range from LC to CW and endless glass and finish possibilities When you need a great performing window but want to stay within your budget look no further… The S250 is just what you need.

3200 Series
When performance really matters the WinTech 3200 window system lives up to the build. The 3200 series is a 3 ¼” frame depth thermally broken aluminum system that offers a commercial window rating of CW 60 or better. WinTech’s 325 system allows you to meet all the speciation of a 4” system but stay within the budget of a 3 ¼”. Available options are Fixed, Projected and Casement with endless paint and finish options.

Commercial Vinyl Windows

Have you ever heard the question "Why should I choose vinyl over fiberglass?" WinTech is here to answer that question with the CR70 commercial rated system.

In today’s market we all know the importance of energy efficient systems and u values. WinTech CR70 is commercially tested and rated with u-values as low as .29. In addition to great rating the CR70 is constructed with fusion welded corners to stop any air from penetrating the system giving a tight seal and better performance. With no cracking or chipping along with no need to ever paint makes the CR70 the best maintenance free option on the market.


Impact Louvers

WinTech’s patented H200I Impact resistant louver offers a glazed in louver option that fits any 1” glazing pocket.  The louver leg allows for a 5/8” bite on the window frame.  These louvers are manufactured specific to PTAC requirements for strut location, drain option and incorporate the industries only integral PTAC sleeve sealing flange.  Sizes larger than 44” x 18” will have insulated blank out panels.  WinTech’s H200I was independently tested to ASTM E330 & ASTM 1886 +/- 75 DP (Structural and cycling). The H200I was also tested to ASTM 1996: Level D, 2 Impacts.  Independent certification by Keystone and approved by FBC (Florida Approval # 15029).

WinTech’s H200I louvers can be supplied with custom grills for any design application.  These grills are manufactured in-house and set up exactly to match WinTech louvers.  Designs can be IOI, IIOII, OIIO, or custom to match any type of design.  WinTech’s custom grills can be attached before or after louvers are installed.  WinTech’s grills are designed so that no deglazing or disassembly of units is required.