The Right Solution.

For nearly 70 years, Quaker Windows & Doors has been providing “The Right Solution” to our Customers when it comes to windows and doors that will truly set a building apart. As one of a select few companies that manufactures wood, vinyl and aluminum window and door solutions for both the commercial and residential markets, Quaker offers that unique blend of design, quality and craftsmanship, with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to create the perfect solution for your commercial project.


Featured Products


M600 Architectural Terrace Doors
Quaker has added two new high performance architecturally rated Terrace Doors to its M600 Series of products to satisfy the industry demand for superior quality . The M603 Out-swing (AW70) and M602 In-swing (AW50) Terrace Doors feature a 4-1/2” Framing system, 1” insulating glass pocket, out-swing low profile sill, out-swing and in-swing French doors and sidelite options.

Brewhouse-Inn-MilwaukeeWI--1024x787 (1).png

Historical Window Series
Historical uniquities are not impossible to match. It just takes experience and know-how. At Quaker we have both. From the word “go”, we devote special attention to every detail. We recognize and respect the fact that each project, sometimes each window, has its own individual flavor. So, matching custom shapes, custom colors, custom grids, custom panning… custom anything for that matter… to fulfill the task of exact duplication is simply a standard step of the process.

  • Historically correct sightlines

  • Distinctly attractive profiles

  • Peerless structural integrity

  • Superior thermal-efficiencies

  • A multitude of accurate panning designs to preserve the aesthetics of original framing

  • Never is a job too custom for Quaker. Our option and accessory choices allow us to do what others can’t. From simulating true divided lites and putty glazing, to the addition of ogee blocks, custom colors, and more.


Quaker Blast Tested Windows
Blast testing is an increasingly important segment of the commercial building sector. Yet, not many windows even come close to achieving Blast Testing requirements. At Quaker, we recognize the prominence of projects requiring blast tested projects, and we’ve found that our windows are continuously up to this challenge. Don’t be fooled, not all Blast Tested Products are the same. Make sure you are getting the eminent protection deserving of your project.


The Value of Vinyl

Why vinyl? Because of the overall value they bring to a project, Quaker's architectural vinyl windows and doors are a viable solution for all light commercial applications and have been for more than a decade.

New construction vinyl. Check. Replacement vinyl. Check. CW- or LC-rated vinyl. Check. Modern or traditional design. Check. Quaker vinyl products have a wide range of options regardless of your project application.

Our vinyl portfolio contains hung, venting, sliding and fixed models covering the entire gamut of project requirements. A sliding patio door is also available in Quaker’s vinyl catalog.

Solid structural qualities make Quaker’s commercial vinyl products the superior choice. Quaker utilizes vinyl that is up to 20% thicker than many other vinyl window brands to ensure that it will hold its shape better and stand up extraordinarily well to harsh elements.

Reinforced mulling options allow you to combine our vinyl window units and use them in structures as tall as 7 stories high, while still maintaining structural stability and performance levels.

The independent testing results of Quaker Commercial Vinyl Windows and Doors are a testament to their innovative design. Our products are not only tested to a standard gateway size, but are also tested to the designed maximum size and weight. Quaker product design yields high design pressure ratings which range from 35 to 50.

Quaker commercial vinyl windows are also available that have been impact tested and rated for high wind areas.

Both integral nailing flange and sub sill options are available, as well as a variety of interior and exterior trim packages to enhance project flexibility. Excellent thermal performance, low maintenance, exterior paint options including rare colors like black and dark bronze, and cost benefits are all supplemental advantages built into Quaker's vinyl products.


The Beauty & Strength of Wood

Quaker’s wood clad products are ideal for light commercial applications including multi-family/multi-story structures, schools, luxury lofts, hotels, or other commercial buildings. It starts with wood being structurally solid.

Several models from Quaker’s wood window line have a design pressure rating of 50 or higher which meet specific building code requirements. Quaker’s wood products are independently tested to meet the highest industry standards. Quaker wood clad windows and doors are engineered with 40% more solid wood than several other brands. The wood emanates a healthy, natural beauty that is preserved by Quaker specially treating the windows and doors to prevent water penetration, mold, mildew and rot. This ensures that not only the product's appearance will be maintained, but that they will continue to perform for years.

Using only AAMA 2604 and 2605 exterior powder coatings, the wood clad windows and doors in your project will resist fading and maintain their color for years to come. The aluminum exterior is extruded, not roll-form. The difference can best be expressed by comparing the thickness of a quarter (extruded aluminum) to an aluminum can (roll-form).

With hung, venting and fixed windows plus sliding, hinged, telescoping and bi-fold doors, Quaker Commercial wood products offer you a variety of design options and multiple configuration possibilities to satisfy your most creative architectural style.

Innovative Quaker engineering provides superior thermal values across the entire line of wood clad commercial products.