Lurie Panels, a nationally recognized panel laminator and fabricator, offers a wide variety of architectural facings, stabilizers and cores for facias, spandrels windows and storefronts.  Infill panels also are available in a wide range of exterior architectural materials including coil coated and post painted Kynar 500, aluminum and steel, porcelain, stainless steel, spandrel glass, Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and much more.

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In-House Capabilities

  • Modern Facility - 47,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Sawing - All woods, plastics, cement board and insulation materials
  • Laminating - Two lines using contact and hot melt urethane adhesives
  • Shearing - Up to 12'-0 and 1/4" mild steel (Slitting available, please inquire.)
  • CNC Punching - 1/4" mild steel
  • Routing - Composite panel 16'-0
  • Break Presses - 1/4" mild steel up to 14'-0
  • Rolling - 7" radius up to 14'-0
  • Welding - Mig and Tig: aluminum, steel and stainless steel

Lurie Panels is your problem solver.

  • Sound transmission class panels
  • Custom return edge fabrication
  • Fire resistant panels
  • Stone aggregate and tile panels
  • Raised picture frame panels
  • Pattern design panels

Veneer Panels
In place of, or with 1/4" glass in storefront or window systems

Insulated Panel
With offset edges for 1/4" glazing

Insulated Panel
In curtain wall and window wall systems

Formed Pan in Pan
Encloses all edges of insulation and can be laminated or mechanically fastened at perimeters

Hat Shaped Panel
With offset edges for increased insulation usage in veneer glazing systems

Special Concave or Convex Profiles
0.125" aluminum

Special Cut-Outs
In veneer and insulated panels for air conditioners, ducts, grills, vents and light fixtures