Alucoil North America specializes in ACM panel fabrication for building and construction applications such as wall cladding, signage, and corporate imaging design.

Located in Manning, South Carolina USA, its 48,000 square foot facility boasts two continuous process manufacturing lines capable of producing both polyethylene (PE) and fire retardant (FR) core panels.

AR / MS / TN


larson® Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

larson® aluminum composite material (ACM) is a fully tested and certified, top quality architectural wall cladding panel providing the strength and flexibility required for the most demanding design criteria. larson® is especially recommended for new-construction ventilated facade sectors as well as renovation. It allows for ventilated, semi-ventilated or air-tight facades. larson® composite panel is produced by two metal sheets (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass or Zinc) for architectural facade cladding.

larcore® Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

larcore® aluminum honeycomb panels are aluminum panels manufactured with an in-house technology unique in the world. This advanced material offers a wide range of finishes and amazing properties.




  • Exterior elevators
  • Floors, walls and ceilings for elevators
  • Ramps, platforms and mobile scenarios
  • Structures for military radars
  • Interiors for trucks and buses
  • Vertical partitions
  • Cleanrooms
  • Equipment Fairings
  • Recordable ceilings
  • Support for thin rolling stone, marble and granite


  • Lightness
  • Resistant to compression
  • High rigidity
  • Fire classification- No combustibility, no toxic fumes
  • Easy to assemble, reducing time and assembly costs
  • Acoustic insulation

signi® Aluminum Panels

signi® aluminum panels are low thickness composite panels which are extraordinarily easy to transform, fold, drill and curve and so adapt to the most modernist designs. signi® composite material is formed by two sheets of aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic resin core (polyethylene) or fire resistant (FR) core.

larson® ACM Standard Stock Colors